Performance testing for a wide range of transmissions and hydraulic equipment.
Optional test report function available.

Test Stand

Our lineup consists of two models: Standard Model MH-125F and Energy Circulation Model MH-R220.
The MH-125F can be augmented with an optional booster kit for testing large equipment, and an HST option for testing HST pumps and eliminates the need for replacing hoses.



MH - 125F
Hydraulic Component Test Stand

The Hydraulic Component Test Stand is employed for performance testing of a wide range of hydraulic equipment, including transmissions, hydraulic pumps, motors, and cylinders. It is used to verify hydraulic equipment performance after servicing, for adjusting control units, and for recording test data. The MH-125F is highly versatile and is equipped with a 93kW electric motor.

MH - R220
Energy Circulation Type Hydraulic Component Test Stand

The MH-R220 combines the featues of the MH-125F with a new inverter-controlled electric motor and innovative energy circulation technology that provide an energy saving of more than 50% in pump and motor tests when compared with conventional models. Optional automated operation and measurement available. The MH-R220's 200hp electric motor allows the testing of pump motors of 400hp and higher.

Booster Kit
(MH-125F Option)

The optional MH-125F Booster Kit increases the test capacity and approximately doubles the test output.
For pump testing, it doubles the high torque rotation speed. For motor testing, it doubles the machine hydraulic discharge at high pressure. Equipping a 125hp MH-125F with a booster kit raises the test stand to the equivalent of 250hp.

HST Test Block
(MH-125F Option)

This option enables testing of HST pumps without having to remove and replace hydraulic hoses. With conventional machines, the discharge port and suction port require the replacement of load port and UUT supply port hoses . With the HST Test Block equipped, the circuit automatically switches between discharge and supply side, eliminating the need to remove and replace hoses, reducing work time.